Sergey  Malishevski


He was born on the 25th of October 1965 in Moscow, graduated from the Minsk Artistic School, the Belarusian Drama and Artistic School (1975-1980). He is member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Belarus, of the International Guild of Painters. He participated in the nternational exhibitions in Russia, Sweden, Germany, the USA, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Poland and Italy.


1987 gallery “Kadnorg” Tallin.
1988 gallery “10/10” St. Petersburg.
1989 gallery “Katarzhyny Naperkovskoy” Warsaw.
1990 exhibitions “In the memory of Vruno Shults” Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
1991 exhibition “Bel. avant-guard” Darnstadt, Germany.
1991 exhibition “Bel. avant-guard” Munchenglyadbach, Germany.
1991 Folk museum “My Est” Warsaw.
1992 exhibition “Bel. Art” first part, Keln, Germany.
1992 exhibition at the museum of Polish art, Chicago.
1993 exhibition “Bel. Art” second part, Dusseldorf, Germany.
1994 exhibition”Bel. Art” Essen. Germany.
1995 exhibition „Bel Art“ Bonn, Germany.
1996 exhibition “Bel. Art” Cologne, Germany.
1998 exhibition at “Polish Museum”, Chicago.
1999 gallery “Pitera Bgeygel”, Amsterdam.
2001 exhibition “Bel. Art”, Norcheping, Sweden.
2001 exhibition “Sutin”, Lithuania.
2003 exhibition of the gallery “Union of the artists of Warsaw”
2004 exhibition at the gallery attached to the cathedral lborobello, Italy.
2006-2009     exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, USA.

Exhibitions in Minsk

1987 “Studio of the artist”
1987 “Perspective”
1987 “Resurrection of Kasimir”
1988 “Panorama”
1998 “Nu”
1990 “Treasures of the Belarusian avant-guard”
2003 “Vinsent Van Gogue 150 years”
2004 “Water. Interpretations”
2004 “Vodka and herring tail”
2005 “March cats”
2005 “To see the air”