Georgy  Skripnichenko


Born 12 November 1940. In 1966 graduated from Minsk Art College. Participant of art exhibitions from 1965. Works in various genres of easel painting, easel and book graphics. From 1972 is a member of Belarusian Union of Artists. In 1997 elected the Academic of the Belarusian Art Academy.

Participant  of  republican,  All-Union  and  foreign  exhibition.

1965-1987 – republican in Minsk, Belarus
1979 – Space (Kosmos), Houston, USA
1981 - "Time-Soace-Human", international, Moscow, Russai
1981 - Belarusian Art, Helsinki, Finland
1985 – Belarusian painting, Terni, Italy
1986-1989 – USSR wide, Moscow, Russia
1991 - "Vil-impex-ou" gallery, Helsinki, Finland
1995 - Chase (Pahonia), Vilnius, Lithuania
1995-1996 – group, art center Zhulbel, Minsk, Belarus
1996 – international plenary, Bialystok, Poland
1996 - personal, Annessy, France
1997 – Belarusian artists, Bonn, Germany
1997 - personal, Montreal, Canada
1997 - personal, Washington, USA
1995-1997 – Chase (Pahonia), Minsk, Belarus
1999 - Old City, personal, devoted to 935 anniversary of Minsk, art center Zhilbel, Minsk, Belarus
2000 - exchibition of Art Academics to the memory of N. Seleshchuk, Minsk, Belarus
2000 - personal exhibition to apply for State Award of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
2000 - Way to Mitskevich, Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts, Minsk, Belarus
1999 - Improvisation: On the border of Millenniums, personal, art center Zhilbel, Minsk, Belarus
2000 - Rome. Bramante Gallery, Italy. Artists of Belarus
2002 – Named the Person of the Yaer in Belarus by the USA Arts Academy
2001 - International Exhibition Sky and the Land of Ferdinand, Minsk, Belarus
2002 - Art Step 2002 (Art Krok 2002), Art gallery of the Belarusian State University of Culture
2003 - Beauty of the Motherland, Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Minsk
2004 - Exhibition of Nine Belarusian Artists, Namur, Belgium
2005- Exhibition of Belarusian Artists, Paris, Pierre Cardin Centre, France
2005 - Vasil’s Star exhibition, Minsk
2005-2006- Christmas Exhibition, Guild of Belarusian Artists, Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts, Minsk
2007- exhibition devoted to 940 anniversary of Minsk City, Minsk of the 60-es, Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts, Minsk

Works  were  bought  by  the  National  Art  Museum /Belarus/;  the  Belarusian  Museum  of  Modern  Art,  Minsk  /Belarus/;  the  Artist  Union  Art  Stocks,  /Belarus/;  in  private  collections  and  galleries  in  Belarus,  Germany,  Holland,  Israel,  Italy,  Canada,  Poland,  Russia,  USA,  France  and  others.